Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Been Grand!

Hey Team-

Have you seen this article in the Anchorage Daily news? http://www.adn.com/life/story/7488231p-7398352c.html

And has everyone read the Yarn Harlot's blog today? Inspirational. Linda, should we each post to Stephanie's blog individually, or are you going to send a team entry? (I just don't want to duplicate anything you might do.)

This has been so much fun, I hate to see it end. Linda, thanks so much for your work getting (and keeping) Team Alaska off the ground.

kathy (in Juneau)


Ketchikan Choc said...

Thanks for the link to the newspaper article, Kathy. Also thank to all of you who participated on this blog and expecially Linda who set up and moderated this blog for us. Team USA on Yahoo will continue. The proposed next project is knitting all gifts for whatever fall/winter holiday(s) you celebrate during the month of July.


Carly said...

Great link! I had to send it on to my parents who still live up there. Thanks to Linda and everyone on here, for your comments and the fun I've had watching your progress. Just as an add I sent my own email in to notify that I'd finished and to get entered. I think that's the easier way to do things, since we'll be able to include our email address, etc. Thanks again Team Alaska! It's been memorable!