Thursday, February 09, 2006

My fingers are itchin' to start...

Hi all-

I'm so excited, and so happy to be part of TEAM ALASKA. I lived in Alaska for 11 years, but just recently returned after 17 years away. Tonight I need to do something to keep me away from my Olympic yarn. Thought I'd figure out how to post photos now, so it wouldn't interfere with knitting time later. Here's my yarn .. patiently waiting to be turned into socks.

I'll probably get a late start tomorrow as I have to work during the day and then there's an evening fundraising event at my son's school. (Do you s'pose I can square dance and cast-on at the same time?)

More soon-
kathy in Juneau

1 comment:

BookishKnitster said...

there must be some way to knit and square dance. . .though the counting could be difficult! have fun dancing!