Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jaywalker Update


Fellow Olympians-
Thought I'd give you an update on my "Jaywalking" Event. Things went pretty smoothly Friday night. Cast on and made a little progress. Had a minor set back Saturday morning when I discovered a stitch that wasn't fully stitched and had to rip out a good 6 rounds. The spectators groaned in sympathy. I spent the day trying to make up for lost time in between my son's basketball game and errands and the like.
Today, however, was an Olympic Knitter's Dream. We took our sons to Eaglecrest, Juneau's local ski area, and I spent the day in the lodge .. knitting! Sock #1 is now ready to have its heel turned.
In the interest of marital harmony I deferred further work on the sock for the evening in lieu of folding the 800 loads of laundry that had accumulated and making sure we were all somewhat ready to face a new week. But I've never gotten this far on a sock so quickly so I'm feeling pretty optimistic right now. Alas, I'm sure progress will be much slower as I re-enter the work week.

Anxious to hear and "see" how you are all doing. Isn't this fun???

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Linda in Anchorage said...

Beautiful socks! I may have to try some of these after the Olympics.