Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knitters All Over the World

I just checked the Yarn Harlot blog, and learned that there are about 4000 Knitting Olympians around the world! I've put a link on the side to the Knitting Olympic Map, and urge all of you to take a moment to visit this site, and make an entry for yourself. There are also Knitting Olympians in Kodiak and Wasilla!

I'll post a photo tomorrow of my Baby Tart hat...too tired tonight. This hat is turning out to be my real challenge. It's coming along, but slowly, as I'm in the midst of Bobbles! Speed skating is also a difficult sport to watch, while knitting (at least for this hat!).

Good luck, all!


BookishKnitster said...

here here on the knitting/speed skating combo. i found it very difficult to knit to as well. i just kept getting roped into watching the relay teams, and trying to figure out when one skater would relieve the previous one.

kathy in Juneau said...

Just have to add my nod of agreement. Very distracting watching all those skaters in the relay.

Have you all seen the "Clock" on the Yarn Harlot's Blog? It's counting down our remaining knitting time. Not for the faint of heart.