Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm in!

Hi Linda, I can't wait for the casting on! I think I am going to work on a critter for my project...I have been wanting to knit and felt a flamingo...perhaps a scarf for him as well :-) I have been spreading the word about the Knitting Olympics and may have two more interested parties, Anna and her friend Audrey.

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kathy in Juneau said...

Hurray, another Team AK member. Cathy, where in AK are you? I've seen, and been very tempted by, a Fiber Trends Felted Flamingo pattern. Is that the one you're doing? What a great AK project!

I also have a few general questions: First, are we following the "Start at 2:00 pm local time" rule, or are we starting when the opening ceremonies are televised Friday evening? (And likewise, by when do we have to cross the finish line?) Also, I'm kind of a newbie at this, but how do I post directly to the blog instead of in the comments? Not that it really matters, but maybe I'll have some inspirational photos to share once we get going ..