Sunday, February 19, 2006

Done soon with first sock

I have only to finish the toe on my first sock and then I can finish up the heel and start the gusset on my second. I was getting a little nervous about finishing up in time. Not to mention there are some incredible knitters on this team. I'm not even close to starting my masters, though I plan to try it. I haven't done cables, fair isles or lace. I will be doing a fair isles hat pattern as soon as I finish up the 3 projects I currently have in the works. Linda, I may be hanging out at your place to get some help when I get to that hat. Or at least pick you up and take you somewhere to knit with me. Ice dancing was pretty tough tonight. Can't believe all those falls and, luckily, only one person was hurt seriously. Had to stop knitting during the last few pairs. Watching the X-Country pursuit was a lot of fun, because my kids are skiing this year and really liking it. It was neat to hear my 8 year old explain to his grandma, whose up from California, what the differences were between the two types on skiing, including "air poling" in the living room. It's late, must sleep so I can stay up late again to knit. Diana

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kathy in Juneau said...


Sounds like you're well positioned for the gold!

Ice dancing *WAS* brutal tonight. Made me grateful I was just dropping stitches..