Friday, February 10, 2006

Knitting for the Gold!

Hi Team Alaska!

Erin here. I've been knitting for a little over 2 years, and am addicted. I'm never caught without knitting needles around. I am self-taught, and while I think I'm doing well, there is still soooooooo much for me to learn.

I lived in Ketchikan for over 5 years, and just moved at the end of January down to Southern California while I job search. (Any library jobs in your area???) Everyday I'm here I remember why I love Alaska so much!

It is my pleasure to be on Team Alaska! I will be knitting a man's sweater. It's called Beau, designed by Kim Hargreaves and is in the Rowan Vintage Style book. I'm using a yorkshire tweed aran in "darkside". It is a dark blackish brown- beautiful.

I've swatched and my needles are ready to go!

(For some reason I can't get my pictures to upload...but, to see some check out my blog - The Bookish Knitster.)

Look forward to seeing all of your knits.

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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I am Marge B. and I wish to join Team Alaska. I am going to be knitting a baby sweater but am still considering two different patterns. As I get started I will post pictures. thanks Kathy M for telling me about this.