Friday, February 10, 2006

geared up and ready

Hi Team
Just a quick note about self and project. I am Kathy from Eagle River and have been knitting for a couple of years. I have recently become a grandparent (Nana) which is very exciting but taking some adjusting to my young 41 years of age soul. I decided to make Kaden (grandson) a sweater using the "Knitting Pure &Simple Baby Pullover" pattern. I am trying out some new yarn -Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes in Ocean (blue/green verigated). The project should be easily done in our 16 day time limit. It will be fun to create a small sweater that Kaden can wear for awhile and later when out grown the sweater can be placed on his teddy bear that sleeps in his babybed. The sweater will also serve as a reminder of the olympics 2006 for myself and Kaden.
I hope to get to know you and the projects you are working on over the next couple of weeks. Have fun and happy knitting.
Go Team

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