Monday, February 13, 2006

Determination Keeps Knitting Olympian Going

I had difficulties in the knitting arena too, Diana. Having knit four little Jamie preemie hats by early this afternoon (2 straight rib knits, 1 spiral rib knit, one stockinette with ruffled edge), I wound my Takhi cotton, and started the Baby Tart hat. Then had a false start – didn’t leave enough yarn in the tail to cast on all the stitches (186). Pulled it out, cast on again, knit several rows, and discovered that I had twisted my stitches when joining. Frogged the whole thing and started over, and once more didn’t quite leave a long enough tail. Cast on one more time, and FINALLY (fourth time’s the charm?), feeling like Dan Janson at the skating rink, got going and was able to complete the “pie crust” part of the hat. Decided to be conservative, catch my breath, and wait until tomorrow to start the top with all its bobbles. No medals today! Here’s to future days of successful Olympic Knitting!

Note from Janice (not connected to the web right now): The baby booties are going swimmingly! I've almost completed one, and am looking forward to starting the second!

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kathy in Juneau said...

How's the Baby Tart hat going? Can't wait to see photos of that one.