Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TKGA Level I

Kathy and Linda,

Tuesday's mail brought my Level I packet! My knitting goal for Tuesday evening was to finish the sleeves of the sweater I have on the needles so I have done that but did take some time to look very briefly at the information. Today, Wednesday, I'll go shopping for a notebook and the clear pockets for my finished swatches.

What type of yarn are you using for your swatches? I am so excited! It's 2 A.M. and I am not sleepy.


Level One, Here We Come!

Wow, lots of knitters doing Masters Level One!
I’ve been so busy knitting other things, that I only have two swatches done. And I'm only doing Level 1, not II. But Kathy, I agree with you, it seems pretty straightforward. There’s a Masters Group in Anchorage that meets on the first Saturday of each month, for people who are working on one or another level. One of the women who passed Level 1 donated her Level 1 notebook to the Guild library, which is great to have as a resource. I’ve been to two meetings, have looked through the notebook, and have had my swatches critiqued by the people who passed Level 1, so I’m feeling much more comfortable about knitting the swatches. A trick that I learned about checking your tension, on stockinette stitch, is to hold your swatch up to the window or a light, and look at the back of your work. If you can see “gulleys” between rows, your tension is not even, and your swatch will probably not pass muster. In my case, my purling is looser than my knitting, but I found that knitting “Eastern European” style takes care of it – purling by catching the yarn going down, rather than up, if that makes sense. It twists the stitch a little, so that when knitting back, the stitches must be knit through the back to look flat. Not great if one is decreasing and doing SSK, as you have to untwist the stitches first, then knit them together, but it has helped solve my tension problems. I guess I’d better start working on more swatches!

I finished my chemo cap, and hope someone at Cancer Connection finds it to their liking! Kathy, I’ll send it to you in the next couple of days. I had hoped to post a photo, but don't see the icon for adding a photo, today. Hmmm...

If people are looking for a project to follow chemo caps, we might consider knitting something for Lisa in Albuquerque, Team Alaska’s “honorary” Alaskan, as she’s expecting, with her new family addition due in August!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

TKGA-Master Knitter Program

Hey Choc (and Linda and anyone else interested in the Master Knitter Program),

I'm so delighted you've just joined up. It'll inspire me to get done if I know you're working on it too! And fun to have someone bounce ideas/questions off of. The first level knitting has been very straightforward so far. I've just been distracted by other projects. I haven't actually tackled the questions yet, but I've been thinking about working on them. Anyway, once you get started let's keep in touch about it.

Linda, aren't you on Level II?


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chemo Cap News

Hey Knitters-

I finally touched base with a woman at "Cancer Connection" here in Juneau. They would welcome any and all hats we want to knit. I asked, but she didn't offer any guidelines for the hats. Comfort and easy to care for are the attributes I'm going to strive for. When asked, she did say that while they have some hats for women, they don't have any for children. I told her we'd probably make a variety and I'd be back in touch when I have something to deliver.

I'd say that frees us to make whatever we want - and not to fret 'cause whatever we make is sure to fit someone! (Ahh, my kind of stress-free knitting!)

We're going to be traveling a bit in June and I have some other things on my needles right now, but I'll try and get a hat or two going in the next several weeks.

more soon-

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hats Delivered

Today I delivered our 7 preemie hats to the hospital's maternity ward. They were gratefully accepted and Katrina, the Charge Nurse, was very impressed with the wonderfulness of our hats. She oohed and awed a lot. Group, we did well!


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Completed Preemie Hats

I finally finished two little hats, and will send them to you ASAP, Choc. My next project will be a chemo cap, to send to Kathy in Juneau.

Here are the dragon socks that were distracting me. I blocked them before sewing up the backs, so you can see the design better. This was my first attempt at intarsia: 76 yarn ends per sock to weave in when finished! Argyles should be easy after this!

Happy Knitting,



Your hats arrived here safely yesterday. They are even more beautiful in the flesh than on the blog. Thanks for your contribution.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Preemie Hats

I have put each of my hats into its own ziplock style baggie with a copy of the washing
and drying directions for the yarn that I used. That may be overkill but I remember being a bit mindless at the births of my kids and they were fullterm. The address to mail your completed preemie hats to is Choc Schafer, 1415 Millar Street, Ketchikan, 99901.