Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chemo Cap News

Hey Knitters-

I finally touched base with a woman at "Cancer Connection" here in Juneau. They would welcome any and all hats we want to knit. I asked, but she didn't offer any guidelines for the hats. Comfort and easy to care for are the attributes I'm going to strive for. When asked, she did say that while they have some hats for women, they don't have any for children. I told her we'd probably make a variety and I'd be back in touch when I have something to deliver.

I'd say that frees us to make whatever we want - and not to fret 'cause whatever we make is sure to fit someone! (Ahh, my kind of stress-free knitting!)

We're going to be traveling a bit in June and I have some other things on my needles right now, but I'll try and get a hat or two going in the next several weeks.

more soon-

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Ketchikan Choc said...


Thanks for the information. Sounds like I don't need to do a swatch first. Now to get some yarn.