Monday, March 08, 2010

Mile 4 Muffin Stop-Iknitarod Update

Took my knitting with me to watch the Iditarod Start in Anchorage at my friend's house, where she's hosted the Mile 4 Muffin Stop for may years. I posted some pictures at my blog, and there's a picture of me standing to the right of Karen Ramstead on the cover of the sports section of the ADN. I'm the lady in the red jacket, wearing a skhoop, holding a camera and, of course, her knitting bag. I'm such a geek.

I'll be posting another update about my knitting soon on my blog, as I have some good news. My copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's book "Knittting Workshop" arrived in the mail on Saturday.

But now, I must do a little spring cleaning and then get a little exercise in, before getting either blogging or knitting done.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another Challenge...

So, how many of us are going through Olympic withdrawal?

Diana, the Iknitarod sounds like fun - mush, you huskies!  I see the rules are to start March 6, with the start of the race in Anchorage, and then finish when they do - about 10 days to 2 weeks out.  At least, with this one, if one can't keep up with the leader, one can always tag along with the red lantern musher.

Since I knit one argyle sock during the regular Olympics, I was thinking about knitting the mate during the Paralympics, which closes on March 21.  That's about the same time frame as the Iknitarod.  I'm going to keep posting here, and invite you all to do so, as well.

Here's a toast to more challenges!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Athletic Knit-along

For those of you who enjoyed the Olympic Challenge, I've found another challenge that may interest my fellow Alaskan's. An Initarod. The group is on Ravelry and I'm planning on knitting my first Elizabeth Zimmermann project, the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) for my son's guitar teacher's new baby girl. Heading over to Titlewave to see if I can find a used copy of her book, Knitting Workshop, so I not only have her pattern but learn some important sweater knitting skills.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Gold Medal Now Online

Here's a link to Yarn Harlots site with information about the medal, etc.

Whew! Just Made it.

My hands are toast! Two hats and two socks in two weeks. I can barely move my fingers.