Monday, March 08, 2010

Mile 4 Muffin Stop-Iknitarod Update

Took my knitting with me to watch the Iditarod Start in Anchorage at my friend's house, where she's hosted the Mile 4 Muffin Stop for may years. I posted some pictures at my blog, and there's a picture of me standing to the right of Karen Ramstead on the cover of the sports section of the ADN. I'm the lady in the red jacket, wearing a skhoop, holding a camera and, of course, her knitting bag. I'm such a geek.

I'll be posting another update about my knitting soon on my blog, as I have some good news. My copy of Elizabeth Zimmermann's book "Knittting Workshop" arrived in the mail on Saturday.

But now, I must do a little spring cleaning and then get a little exercise in, before getting either blogging or knitting done.


Ketchikan Choc said...

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures.

LindaY said...

Diana - I saw that photo in the ADN, but had no idea that was you, hidden behind your camera (knitting bag in hand). Glad you shared the fun! Thank you!

stephanie said...

I would have loved to go see that. It looks like it was a blast!

Arctic Knitter said...

I thought that was you! I recognized several folks in that ADN photo. Looks like a fun place to be for the Iditarod start.