Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's Been Grand!

Hey Team-

Have you seen this article in the Anchorage Daily news? http://www.adn.com/life/story/7488231p-7398352c.html

And has everyone read the Yarn Harlot's blog today? Inspirational. Linda, should we each post to Stephanie's blog individually, or are you going to send a team entry? (I just don't want to duplicate anything you might do.)

This has been so much fun, I hate to see it end. Linda, thanks so much for your work getting (and keeping) Team Alaska off the ground.

kathy (in Juneau)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hanging My Head in Shame

Well, I tried, but try as I might, I just couldn't finish before the closing ceremonies were over (well, really, before I went to bed which was well before the end of the closing ceremonies). Although I got off to a great start, I think I started too quickly. I finished the first sock but just couldn't get past the toe of the second. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the challenge and did something that I didn't know that I could do. After all, isn' t that what the olympics is all about.

Photo Finish!

I finished my Olympic Knitting with a couple hours to spare last night, but for a while there it was looking close! So without further ado, here she is:

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, only 1 and a half skiens!
Needles: US 8
Notes: Ribbing was done on same size needles because I couldn't find my smaller ones and didn't want to loose time going to get some. I think it's worked out, but it would look more polished with smaller gauge for the ribbing.
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I like it better with a collared shirt underneath because the back of the collar sticks up a bit. For my first sweater I think it's a success!

Picture success...

Finally got the pictures of the Beau sweater imported! Here it is:


Posting a little late, but - I finished with just 10 minutes to spare. The Beau sweater turned out most beautiful. Unfortunately, my camera is behavinhg poorly and I can't import the photos. (grumble, grumble). I was a bit nervous as it got down to the closing ceremonies that I wasn't going to make it, and then it happened. I was blocking. And it was done. Hurray! TEAM ALASKA Rocks!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do (Hum the Olympic Theme)

Hurray! Another gold medal finish for Team Alaska! The shawl neck cardigan is complete. It took a late night training session but another Olympian has achieved her dream. Thanks for letting me join the team and for sharing all your hard work and fun stories!

Lisa W.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Gold Medal For Team AK

Hey Fellow AK Olympians-

I flew back to Juneau this morning after being at a conference in Florida all week. I was a bit concerned during the week as I had fallen behind the pace I set for sock #1. I knit between sessions and at night in my room with the "Other Olympics" for company and managed to finish the knitting while waiting at SEA-TAC early this morning. After I got home I just had to kitchener the toe of #2 and then block 'em.

So I guess I earned my gold medal. Bob Costas hasn't been by yet to interview me, but when he asks, I'll tell him that it's really not about the gold. It's about being part of this incredible thing that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee got going. I have enjoyed being part of team Alaska so much!!



I made it! I was starting to worry about finishing in time, so I turned it up a few gears near the end, just like Chad but without the snide comments to the Dutch, and was done by the time Bob Costas made he's closing remarks for the evening. I really enjoyed watching the Gala, though it wasn't quite as fun as the years that Elvis Stoyka (?) was participating. I'm going to try and finish up on a pair of socks I had been working on before I joined Team Alaska during the closing games. Diana

Almost there!

While on our trip to Arizona, I finished the two baby hats for friends that recenty had twins.

As you can see my kitty was pretty excited to see me and to help take the photo of the beanies!

Today I will hopefully pick-up and (here is the hopeful part) finish the short-rows collar on the baby cardigan. It'll be a squeaker!

Thanks for all the posts and photos! I am inspiried by the Dale beanie and booties. I too am intersted in some pattern swapping. All the patterns I've been using have been coming from the Baby Knits for Beginners, by Debbie Bliss (1570762481). This is a great little book for simple patterns that can be modified per your imagination.

Thanks all, off to my short rows!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Two More Knitters Cross the Finish Line!

I will admit, I got a little distracted, knitting mittens and booties to go with the Dale hat, and watching Olympics (a lot of excitement out there), but here is my progress photo. I’ve crossed my finish line, and completed the five hats that I planned to do, plus one extra preemie hat. Hurray!

I saw Cathy’s flamingo at her house the other day, finished and fabulous, gracing her TV as we watched Olympics with Knitting Olympian Cait, and some other folks. Cait and I knit and Cathy quilted. I hope you’ll have a chance to post a photo, Cathy! Choc, your sweater sounds great, glad to hear that you got it sewn up again. Anyone else finished? It sounds like lots of people are getting very close.

Sharing your pattern sources

Everyone is doing such great projects! I'm wondering about the patterns that you are all using. Thanks, Diana

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finished again

Tonight I undid the uneven side seam and resewed it so my patterns match front to back and my sweater is done. I have enjoyed sharing our experinces during the KO. It's been good to have a group to share ups and downs with. It's good to know that there are so many other knitters out there.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I finished sewing my sweater together on Sunday and wore it to work Monday. But when I looked carefully at the left side seam the pattern on the front did not match up with the pattern on the back. Augh! I will have to undo the lower half of the seam so I am not finished. As tink is when we unknit, is wes when we unsew?

Hope the rest of you have no problems matching your patterns and that you are all finished by the time the torch goes out on Sunday.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Little Update

I finished the Dale baby cap last night, and blocked it this morning. Still have to sew the folded over edge to the inside, but will do that tomorrow. I started the matching mittens today and completed one. They have little picot edges, and will have a tie around the wrist. Will post a photo of all the hats when the Dale hat is completely done. The finish line is in sight!

Update from a Lower48 Contingent

I'm lovin' all your updates and pictures!

The Beau Sweater is coming along well. (Pictures will come soon! I promise!) I have the front and the back done. And am working on the sleeves. I'm knitting both sleeves at once. This is a new strategy for me, but I'm hoping by only having to do the sleeves once I won't get burnt out as fast. Do others of you do both sleeves at once? (two sleeves using two skeins on one needle) My goal is to finish the sleeves by Thursday night. ...must knit faster...

On another note - today I got "Needled to death" from the library. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm looking forward to reading it.


Going for the Gold!

Here's my progress on the sweater so far. I think I'm a little over half done! I get feeling a little frantic every time I look at that counter on the Yarn Harlot's page but I think I'm gonna make it! I have two more inches of regular stockinette stitch before three inches of ribbing on the bottom and then the sleeves. I've decided to make them short sleeves, so I think the goal is attainable! I got a pretty good bit of knitting in last night while enjoying the last of the ice dancing. I'm so glad the Americans did well! They were just great! Now I think I just need to keep up my momentum to get it done!

Might come down to the wire

Well, it's taken me longer to figure out how to post this to the blog than to knit almost an entire sock!

I'm nearly done with my first "fancy sock" - a lacy pattern using size 1 needles. I had some trouble with the heel..I had to re-do it two times. Hoping to start the second sock tonight and with any luck - and barring any problems with the heel on the second sock - I will be done by closing ceremonies. But it's going to be a tight race!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Finshed with first sock

Finished my first sock while watching the ice dancing. Weren't the American's fun to watch? They are so cute. And, what a soap opera with the Italians. I don't watch soaps and Barbara's dramatics made me want to turn off the tv for a while. Anyway, my pattern is by Knitting Pure & Simple, Beginner's mid-weight socks. This is my 3rd pair and if I actually get a pair that match, it will be a first for me. I'm using Rowan-felted tweed, color SH151 (purple).

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Done soon with first sock

I have only to finish the toe on my first sock and then I can finish up the heel and start the gusset on my second. I was getting a little nervous about finishing up in time. Not to mention there are some incredible knitters on this team. I'm not even close to starting my masters, though I plan to try it. I haven't done cables, fair isles or lace. I will be doing a fair isles hat pattern as soon as I finish up the 3 projects I currently have in the works. Linda, I may be hanging out at your place to get some help when I get to that hat. Or at least pick you up and take you somewhere to knit with me. Ice dancing was pretty tough tonight. Can't believe all those falls and, luckily, only one person was hurt seriously. Had to stop knitting during the last few pairs. Watching the X-Country pursuit was a lot of fun, because my kids are skiing this year and really liking it. It was neat to hear my 8 year old explain to his grandma, whose up from California, what the differences were between the two types on skiing, including "air poling" in the living room. It's late, must sleep so I can stay up late again to knit. Diana

To The Sun!

The Socks and I are traveling to Florida for my conference tomorrow. (Do you suppose if I sit in the back and don't drop my little metal needles on the floor I can get away with knitting through some presentations?) I'm a bit behind last week's pace, but feeling ok as I'll have travel time and ALONE time in the hotel to make it up.

Don't know how much computer access I'll have. I'll be reading and checking in if at all possible.

I'm due back early Saturday and hope to have good news to post before the closing ceremonies on Sunday.

Keep on knitting!

Progress Report

Last night I finished the front and back of my sweater. I had done the sleeves last weekend so I sewed the left shoulder seam, knit the neckband, and sewed the neckband and right shoulder seam. Today I'll sew the sleeves to the body and sew the sleeve and body seams. Of course, I haven't been to bed before midnight most days and have eaten leftovers from last weekend's cooking each evening this last week. I did, however, go to work each day and did the usual things with friends. Unfortunately, I don't have a digital camera or a scanner so you don't get to see my lovely sweater unless you visit Ketchikan.

After I finish sewing my new sweater together, I'll resume knitting the sweater I was working on before the Knitting Olympics and see if I can finish that one before the flame goes out next Sunday.

Hello team members. I must admit that I'm not as far along as I had hoped. Discovered that one cannot watch ice skating and knit at the same time, even on a not-so-challenging project. But I persevere. Also snuck in starting an Argyle sock for my Masters Level II requirement, and spent last evening just swatching for the required vest. Maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew!? Back to knitting!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Day 9 Already!

Wow, I can't believe we're slightly more than halfway through the Olympics! I finished the Baby Tart hat last evening – hurray! I started doing the bobbles a different (and much easier) way, and was able to complete it with much less frustration than I had been experiencing. To decrease the five stitches of each bobble back down to one stitch, in the decrease row, the pattern said to slip 2, k 3 tog, then pass the 2 slipped stitches over one at a time. Trying to k 3 tog with cotton is much more easily said than done, as it doesn’t have the “give” of wool, but I struggled through 7 sets of bobble pattern rows before giving up. Then I started instead to slip 4, k 1, then pass the 4 slipped stitches over the 1 knit stitch. Much easier, much faster, and there is no noticeable difference! Now I’ll have to block it a little bit, so the pastry “edge” stands up a little better.

I haven’t quite reached my Olympic goal yet, however, because I haven’t yet made a hat for my new grand-nephew, born just last Wednesday. I decided that I wanted to do more than just a larger version of the spiral rib preemie hat that I made earlier, so checked through my various pattern books this morning until I found one that I like. It’s pattern 6003B from Dale’s Baby Collection No. 60, designed by Kari Haugen, which doesn’t sound very romantic or cute, but it is! The cap has a Norwegian design with the typical 8-petal rose (what many people often mistake for a snowflake) around the brim, and the main part of the cap is alternating stripes going from bottom to top of the hat (not around). I’ll knit it in Dale Baby Ull, with light blue for the main color, and white for the contrasting color. I may do the matching booties and mittens, as well, but the hat comes first, my last official “race” of the Knitting Olympics. Anything after that is a bonus, er, warmdown.

Like Kathy, I hope that everyone will post a short note about your progress at this halfway point (actually a little more now) in the Knitting and Winter Olympics. It will be great to see how everybody’s doing.

Progress Report

Hi Olympians,

Despite a couple set backs, including leaving my project at my favorite knitting store for a few hours, I have almost completed the heals on both my socks. I will take a picture soon, as I've finally charge my camera's battery. Also, on a side note, I recently received a gift certificate (it almost burnt a whole in my pocket , the 15 hours it was in my possession) to this store and came home with a bunch of yarn and a few challenging projects for the future. One is a lacy sweater I'ld like to knit for my niece and after reading the pattern, I may be over my head on this one. Hopefully I'll be able to get this done before she's an adult. She's 4 right know. I've also got a few complicated hats that I think will break me in for this sweater. Keep up the good work everyone, Diana

Friday, February 17, 2006

Halfway Mark

Hey team-

At 8:30 pm tonight -almost exactly one week since I first cast on - I finished my first sock. (Can you hear the crowd cheering?) The timekeeper on The YarnHarlot's site said 46.48% of the Olympics had elapsed at that time, so I'm right on schedule.

I'll be traveling to Florida on Monday (For a conference for work. Florida - in February - from Alaska - hard to believe!) I'm hoping the travel time will be good for my Olympic endeavors.

I hope everyone else will check in this weekend. It's really fun to see all the projects and hear your updates. k.

Another Progress Report

And request for reply for knitting get-together

Here’s my progress photo:

Four Preemie hats, from left to right: stockinette with ruffled edge, 2 with regular rib, one with spiral rib. Center: Baby Tart hat, size 9-12 months, taking shape. What a size difference!
I’m almost up to the top decrease row. Bobbles take forever! I sure was glad that the men’s figure skating was on while I was knitting this evening. I only dropped a few stitches while sitting with my mouth open watching some of those amazing athletes.

Would anyone like to get together at the Pioneer Schoolhouse in Anchorage to knit Saturday (tomorrow) afternoon? Please reply in a comment to this post. If there are only a few people, maybe we can get together at someone’s house.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Voila! As you can see I have completed the flamingo's body. After another Olympic 'dash' to the knitting store for another skein I finished his legs as well. ( I ran out of yarn with only 14 rows left to complete on the second leg! ) That turned out to be a dangerous 'run' to the store as I was tempted by more yarn and thoughts of a companion flamingo :-/. Amazingly, I resisted! More pictures will come when I have him sewn together. Cathy

First Progress Post

Hi! So far, the sweater is going good. I've spereated the sleeves and last night I was able to knit on the neck band to make sure I liked it. It's more of a square shape, than a scoop, but I'm happy with it. Now it's just mindless knitting from here! Perfect for watching all the amazing athletes!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Knitters All Over the World

I just checked the Yarn Harlot blog, and learned that there are about 4000 Knitting Olympians around the world! I've put a link on the side to the Knitting Olympic Map, and urge all of you to take a moment to visit this site, and make an entry for yourself. There are also Knitting Olympians in Kodiak and Wasilla!

I'll post a photo tomorrow of my Baby Tart hat...too tired tonight. This hat is turning out to be my real challenge. It's coming along, but slowly, as I'm in the midst of Bobbles! Speed skating is also a difficult sport to watch, while knitting (at least for this hat!).

Good luck, all!

Cardigan update

Well, the "knitting" is done on all the body pieces for my baby cardigan! And I've started piecing it together. The project will have to sit a few days as we go on travel to Arizona. Since the collar is a new technique for me, short rows, I thougth it best to work on some simple matching hats rather than goofing something major while away from my local knit shop (Village Wools) to bail me out!

Happy knitting all. Another update to follow next week to report on the cardigan finale.

Go team go!

Lisa W.
Albuquerque, NM
He's taking shape!

After a few false starts during the opening ceremonies - knitting short rows and watching the events didn't make for a successful flamingo tail - I found success early Saturday morning and completed the two tail halves for my flamingo. He has taken shape over the weekend, complete with feathery 'fur' in his body. Sunday I made a quick olympic run to purchase more 'fur' for his breast feathers and he has now assumed a floppy flamingo shape. If I can figure it out I will try to post a photo soon. Cathy

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Murder Mystery Book

Ok, we all have to work on our knitting, but when the olmpics are over, I'd reccommend a book a friend bought me for christmas, just based on the title alone. (She knows I love to knit.) "Knit One, Kill Two "by Maggie Sefton, is the book. Her second book, that I've just started is, "Needled to Death". I'm not usually a murder mystery type but because it's about knitters, it hooked me. Bye, Diana

Monday, February 13, 2006

Determination Keeps Knitting Olympian Going

I had difficulties in the knitting arena too, Diana. Having knit four little Jamie preemie hats by early this afternoon (2 straight rib knits, 1 spiral rib knit, one stockinette with ruffled edge), I wound my Takhi cotton, and started the Baby Tart hat. Then had a false start – didn’t leave enough yarn in the tail to cast on all the stitches (186). Pulled it out, cast on again, knit several rows, and discovered that I had twisted my stitches when joining. Frogged the whole thing and started over, and once more didn’t quite leave a long enough tail. Cast on one more time, and FINALLY (fourth time’s the charm?), feeling like Dan Janson at the skating rink, got going and was able to complete the “pie crust” part of the hat. Decided to be conservative, catch my breath, and wait until tomorrow to start the top with all its bobbles. No medals today! Here’s to future days of successful Olympic Knitting!

Note from Janice (not connected to the web right now): The baby booties are going swimmingly! I've almost completed one, and am looking forward to starting the second!

Equipment failure

Hi all,

Like Apollo Ono, I wasn't giving this competition my complete focus and lost. Actually, I left my sock project at a friend's yesterday afternoon and have been without it for almost 24 hours. (Sorry I couldn't think of a better analogy) I've been harassing my friend with cell phone calls trying to figure out how to get it back. It's currently riding around with her in her car and has been all over Anchorage. She should be pulling up any minute or else I'll be chasing her down real soon. I will have to knit like a fiend to make up for last nights missed opportunity. I will stay focused from now on and not lose! Diana R.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jaywalker Update


Fellow Olympians-
Thought I'd give you an update on my "Jaywalking" Event. Things went pretty smoothly Friday night. Cast on and made a little progress. Had a minor set back Saturday morning when I discovered a stitch that wasn't fully stitched and had to rip out a good 6 rounds. The spectators groaned in sympathy. I spent the day trying to make up for lost time in between my son's basketball game and errands and the like.
Today, however, was an Olympic Knitter's Dream. We took our sons to Eaglecrest, Juneau's local ski area, and I spent the day in the lodge .. knitting! Sock #1 is now ready to have its heel turned.
In the interest of marital harmony I deferred further work on the sock for the evening in lieu of folding the 800 loads of laundry that had accumulated and making sure we were all somewhat ready to face a new week. But I've never gotten this far on a sock so quickly so I'm feeling pretty optimistic right now. Alas, I'm sure progress will be much slower as I re-enter the work week.

Anxious to hear and "see" how you are all doing. Isn't this fun???
My first project is done! Here she is...made from the feather and fan pattern from the Folk Shawls book.
I had to cast off earlier than I thought because I was running out of yarn, but its a pretty wide shawl nonetheless. Its made out of Heaven (90% kid mohair!) by lorna's laces.

My next project for the knitting olympics is the "craving to knit" cardigan from the yarn girls guide to simple knits. I'm making it out of thumper yarn from crystal palace. Its a great light blue color with flecks of lots of other colors in it. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get some new batteries for my camera =)



Hi all. Having a community of knitters is great fun. I have chosen to knit a sweater for myself. On Thursday I tested my tension to figure out the right sized needles to use and wound one ball of yarn. Friday at lunch time I went to a yarn shop to get the 3.5 mm circular needle and to get the rest of my yarn wound into balls. They had the needle I wanted but their winder was not set up to wind balls from the 360m yarn hanks(?) that I had. I started casting on the sleeves shortly after 7 P.M. Friday while watching the Olympics opening ceremony. I had set a goal to have the sleeves finished by the end of Sunday(today) with subgoals for Friday and Saturday. It took until 1:30 A.M. Saturday to accomplish Friday's goal and 12:30 A.M. Sunday to accomplish Saturday's goal. Maybe I'll get today's goal done by 11:30P.M. Oh, well, I took time to do my usual Sunday things so I'll have clean sheets to sleep on, clean clothes to wear, and food to eat.

I've enjoyed reading about the exploits from those of you who have shared. Go TEAM ALASKA.


Day Two - Feeling Olympic?

Wow, wasn’t it great to watch Chad Hedrick win the 5000 m skating yesterday? I’ve knit 2 1/2 preemie hats since the Opening Ceremonies. I may have to change my goal to knitting one hat per day, the way that things are going. Of course, as you can see in the photo, I have a lot of time on my hands to knit right now, with my healing (but broken) ankle (note tiny hats near the top-left of the paw-print throw).

So far I’ve knit today’s hat watching the US Women’s Hockey team beat Germany. It's hard to cast on while watching a hockey game! Now I’m going to go resume my station and watch Nordic skiing – the women’s pursuit. How are the rest of you doing? Sweaters and blankets? Cathy G, how’s your flamingo?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Greetings from a Team AK Outlier

Hi all from sunny, and way to warm and dry for February, New Mexico! I qualified as someone who plans to visit AK, and was once made an honorary Alaskan while travelling with a group of polar librarians. I had my friends rooting for Team Alaska last night while we were watching the opening ceremonies, so have no fear my heart and stitches are up there in the great white north!

Indeed I started my project last night and made good progress. I'm working on a shawl-collard baby cardigan in some fine Italian merino wool (in honor the host country). So far so good! I'll try and send a photo soon.

Thanks all and happy knitting.

Lisa W.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Games Begun

Hey Team,

Just thought I'd post a few quick photos before I crash. This Olympic athelete stuff is exhausting. Finally able to cast on at 8:23 p.m. Note my homemade Knitting Olympic button, buttons.

Not a lot of knitting progress, but I managed to cast on without mishap and get the sock knitting established enough that I can carry it with me everywhere I go tomorrow.

Hope everyone else had a good start.

Hello from Edmonton,
For those who don't know me I am Linda's daughter. I'm currently in Edmonton working on my master's degree. I'm very excited to be coming home to Anchorage next Friday for 10 days!
I just finished watching the opening ceremonies. Boy is it hard to knit lace and watch TV at the same time! I am attempting to finish my fan and feather shawl, and I only have 36 rows of about 400 stitches left. 3/4 of the rows are plain knitting or purling but the other 1/4 are the lace part, which makes it a little slow going. This challenge is good incentive for me to actually get some knitting done. It is very tempting to not do schoolwork for the next week and just knit and watch the olympics. What is a girl to do?
Have a great weekend of knitting/olympic watching!

Hi Team Alaska,

I live in Anchorage, just found out this afternoon about the team, love the olympics and love to knit, so this is perfect. Had a sock pattern and some really nice yarn just waiting for me to start, so I'm starting a swatch right know, so I can be ready to cast on during the olympics opening starting in an hour less than 3 hours. Diana R


The news descriptions of the opening ceremonies sound great - I can hardly wait to see it!

Introduction from Choc:
I have lived in Ketchikan for 22 years and my name is Choc. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 7 and I knit my first sweater 4 years later. The sweater I will be knitting is using wool and a pattern I got when I visited New Zealand, oh the places you can go with air miles. I will be using Crucci pattern Vol. 561 and New Zealand Aran wool. I will be making it shorter than the pattern shows.

We are 15, now! Several Team Alaska members are members of the Knitters of the North guild in Anchorage. They have cordially invited Team Alaska members in the Anchorage area to use their space at the Pioneer Schoolhouse from 1-3 p.m. on February 18 for a mid-Olympic Knit-along. Bring snacks and your project. The guild would appreciate it if we could contribute $5 per person, for use of the space. It would be good to get a head count if people want to do this, as not everyone is in Anchorage.

Gotta go, time to watch TV and CAST ON! Have fun on your projects!
Hello everyone. I'm Marge B. I live in Anchorage. I'm going to knit a child's sweater for the Knitting Olympics. Here I go!
Hello Team Alaska. I am Betty N of Anchorage. I'm going to knit a pair of socks for the Olympics. This will be fun!

Knitting for the Gold!

Hi Team Alaska!

Erin here. I've been knitting for a little over 2 years, and am addicted. I'm never caught without knitting needles around. I am self-taught, and while I think I'm doing well, there is still soooooooo much for me to learn.

I lived in Ketchikan for over 5 years, and just moved at the end of January down to Southern California while I job search. (Any library jobs in your area???) Everyday I'm here I remember why I love Alaska so much!

It is my pleasure to be on Team Alaska! I will be knitting a man's sweater. It's called Beau, designed by Kim Hargreaves and is in the Rowan Vintage Style book. I'm using a yorkshire tweed aran in "darkside". It is a dark blackish brown- beautiful.

I've swatched and my needles are ready to go!

(For some reason I can't get my pictures to upload...but, to see some check out my blog - The Bookish Knitster.)

Look forward to seeing all of your knits.

geared up and ready

Hi Team
Just a quick note about self and project. I am Kathy from Eagle River and have been knitting for a couple of years. I have recently become a grandparent (Nana) which is very exciting but taking some adjusting to my young 41 years of age soul. I decided to make Kaden (grandson) a sweater using the "Knitting Pure &Simple Baby Pullover" pattern. I am trying out some new yarn -Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes in Ocean (blue/green verigated). The project should be easily done in our 16 day time limit. It will be fun to create a small sweater that Kaden can wear for awhile and later when out grown the sweater can be placed on his teddy bear that sleeps in his babybed. The sweater will also serve as a reminder of the olympics 2006 for myself and Kaden.
I hope to get to know you and the projects you are working on over the next couple of weeks. Have fun and happy knitting.
Go Team

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ready to GO...

Kathy in Juneau – not sure about the square dancing and casting on, but maybe while you take a break for a breath of air between dances. I had the same thought about photos, so am including a photo of my yarn and the “Baby Tart” hat pattern that it goes with. Janice came through with the Jamie, so I’m set on the ribbed hats, and will look through my stash for something for “Lily’s Hat”. Luckily I have a sweater that I’m finishing, to work on tonight, so I’m not tempted to start the hats before it’s time.

We are currently 13 on Team Alaska, and I have a feeling we may hear from a few others at the last minute. I haven’t heard back from Kat or Steph (can’t imagine that they might be BUSY), but have looked at the TEAM USA KAL discussion, where the same question about starting and ending times has been asked and debated. It looks like the majority are going to start while watching the Opening Ceremonies (which are on TV at 7 p.m. in Anchorage), and finish by, or while watching, the Closing Ceremonies. Since this is definitely on the honor system, I would trust that if you want to start at 2 p.m (or 10 a.m.). you’d also try to finish at a comparably early time. I’m going with the “watching TV” time frame, myself.

The first event that has Alaskans in it- biathlon, with Jay Hakkinen and Jeremy Teela - is going to be broadcast at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. I don’t know that I’ll be up for that one! But maybe I’ll catch Pam Dreyer in hockey at 8 a.m.

Good luck all you Team Alaskans!

My fingers are itchin' to start...

Hi all-

I'm so excited, and so happy to be part of TEAM ALASKA. I lived in Alaska for 11 years, but just recently returned after 17 years away. Tonight I need to do something to keep me away from my Olympic yarn. Thought I'd figure out how to post photos now, so it wouldn't interfere with knitting time later. Here's my yarn .. patiently waiting to be turned into socks.

I'll probably get a late start tomorrow as I have to work during the day and then there's an evening fundraising event at my son's school. (Do you s'pose I can square dance and cast-on at the same time?)

More soon-
kathy in Juneau


Hello! My name is Carly. Thanks for letting me join Team Alaska! I'm really excited to get started on my very first completed sweater. Ok first a little about me, then project specs.

I'm originally from Anchorage, AK. My parents still live there and we've been there for 15 years. I now live in Salt Lake City, UT, but get home to visit every now and then. Utah is great, but I miss the "green-ness" of Alaska. I've been knitting for about 5 years now and actually started while in Alaska. I also love to sew, make books, and read. Check out my blog!

So, I decided to take Stephanie's challenge and do something I've never done before. I'm going to knit a whole sweater! I've started sweaters in the past, but I have yet to finish any, other than shrug types. I'm also desiging it myself, which is a first. It's going to be a top-down raglan with a low scoop neck. Very simple and hopefully pretty mindless knitting so I can watch TV while working on it. I'm knitting it in Red Heart 100% acrylic, just because I can't afford nice yarn right now, but also because I want to be able to wash it becuase I want a tighter fit. I'll be knitting on size US 8's for the body and 7's for the ribbing. So there you go! Hopefully it'll turn out like I planned! I can't wait to get started tomorrow!

Ready to Cast On tomorrow?

Welcome new team members! I hope everyone has their projects picked out and you're ready to go. I have my patterns, but only part of my yarns - my sweety is kindly going to pick up some Takhi cotton for one of my baby hats, and a fellow guild member is going to bring me some Jamie, so I should be set by this evening. If you have questions about exactly when to start, see Answer to Question 1, below. If I have your email, I’ll do my best to get you signed up as a contributor by tomorrow morning at the latest! (See Answer to Question 2, below)

Cathy - knitting a flamingo will be a hoot! (no species puns intended!)

Here are comments from new Team members:
From Kaden's Nana- Kathy Lockwood:
Hi Team,
I am joining in on the fun. I have chosen to make a baby sweater for my new grandson. This will be a challenge for me, for it is the first knitted baby sweater I have tried. I am ready to go- this should be fun!
Good Luck and Happy Knitting Team

From Cait: OK I have decided to do the olympic knit along as long as I can do it on a WIP. I currently have 7 (seven!) WIPs that need some love. I have a very busy week coming up, with papers due, a midterm, and lots of reading to do, so I'm not sure how much knitting will get done during the first week of the olympics. However my KAL is going to be to finish my fan and feather shawl and a blue cardigan on which I have part of the back done. I may be biting off more than I can chew but that’s my goal!!
(from archeoharp: sounds great, Cait, I think WIPs should be allowed- can you wait to pick them up again until the rest of us start casting on?)

From Carly in Utah: Hi! Can I join the team? I'm originally from Anchorage (parents still live there) and I'd love to have a team to cheer on, no one in Utah seems to have heard about the Knitting Olympics! I'm going to knit my first ever "completed" sweater, and I'm designing it myself! Can't wait to get started!
(from archeoharp:

From Kathy in Juneau:
This is a link to the pattern for the Jaywalker socks:


Though I've knit socks before, I've never knit these, and I've NEVER completed a pair in 16 days. The yarn is self-dyed merino from KnitPicks. The colors aren't perfect (photos soon, I hope), but the striping bit is awfully fun. And I'm hoping they'll keep me going.. you know,something like "I must get some sleep, just one more stripe ..."
Hurray, another Team AK member. Cathy, where in AK are you? I've seen, and been very tempted by, a Fiber Trends Felted Flamingo pattern. Is that the one you're doing? What a great AK project!
I also have a few general questions:
First, are we following the "Start at 2:00 pm local time" rule, or are we starting when the opening ceremonies are televised Friday evening? (And likewise, by when do we have to cross the finish line?)
Also, I'm kind of a newbie at this, but how do I post directly to the blog instead of in the comments? Not that it really matters, but maybe I'll have some inspirational photos to share once we get going ..

Another comment and question from J in Anchorage:
Well this is a cute idea. To be truly olympic, though, wouldn't we have to be competing on the same patterns with the same yarn and needles? Perhaps the Jaywalker socks. And yes, I'm a male knitter and can hang with the best of them.

Answers from archeoharp- Linda:

Question 1: The 2:00 p.m. rule was made by Stephanie P-M. I’ve sent her an email about what that means in relation to when we should end, and will post the answer as soon as I have it. My original thought was that we could start as we watch the Opening Ceremonies here in Alaska, or where ever other members might be, and finish as we watch the Closing Ceremonies, figuring that would give everyone the same amount of time to work on their project.

Question 2: When comments come in to the blog, they don’t automatically have your email attached. If you don’t want to include your email in your comment, but would still like to provide it to me, so I can invite you to be a contributing member and post directly to the blog, including photos, then please do the following:
Click on the “archeoharp’ link on the right
When my profile page comes up, click on email, on the left under “contact”
Send me an email that includes your email address.
I will then send you an invitation through blogspot to become a contributor. When you respond back to that, you should be on!

Question 3; There are lots of different events in the Olympics, so I don’t think there’s a problem with knitting different projects. However, J, if you and Kathy in Juneau want to compare notes on how your Jaywalker socks go along, that would be great. Send me your email address, and I’ll send you an invite to be a contributor.

Erin- ditto, if you send me your email address, I’ll do the same.
Carly, and Cait, looking forward to having you participate, have sent out your invitations.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm in!

Hi Linda, I can't wait for the casting on! I think I am going to work on a critter for my project...I have been wanting to knit and felt a flamingo...perhaps a scarf for him as well :-) I have been spreading the word about the Knitting Olympics and may have two more interested parties, Anna and her friend Audrey.

Monday, February 06, 2006

More Team Alaska members!

Just four more days to get ready...! You can tell everyone about your progress by posting to the “comments” at the end of each post, or if you provide your email address so I can send you a member invitation, by posting directly to the blog (including digital photos of your project).

Erin, recently relocated from Ketchikan, writes:
Go TEAM ALASKA!!!! Can I join up??? I just relocated from Ketchikan (2 weeks ago) but am still Alaskan at heart. (Can I come back???) My Knitting Olympics *event* is going to be the Beau sweater from Rowan Vintage Style. I'm still waiting for my yarn to arrive. . .but I'm sure it will be here for the lighting of the flame!

erin...still dreaming of SE AK.

And Kathy in Juneau says:
I finally decided I HAD to be part of the 2006 Knitting Olympics. Just sent a comment to Stephanie's blog and wondered aloud about a Team AK .. lo & behold here you are! I’m in Juneau. Going to attempt a pair of the Jaywalker socks that all the bloggers seem to be abloggin' about. (Self-dyed, self-striping yarn). Now, let the games begin!

From Anchorage Sonda, writes:
What a thrill!!
[I’ll make] a sweater/shrug for my niece's birthday. I'll also make something for
the neighborhood school, either a hat or mittens. Please let me know if
someone comes up with a group project.

Ladies, these projects sound great! Kathy in Juneau, where can we see a picture of these Jaywalker socks? And Sonda, and Kathy M, what kind of yarn/patterns are you using?

Wow, the Knitting Olympics has made the news! Links to the NPR interiew with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and an MSNBC blurb are on the right (Scroll down the page to find the article;the link is to the Rules).

Does anyone know any men who knit, who might like to join our Team? Most sports have both men and women competing, so why not the Knitting Olympics?

I'm off for a couple of days, but back before the Olympics start.

New Team Member

Hi everyone. I'm going to make a baby blanket during the Olympics. It's not a new pattern, but one I haven't done in awhile, and not too complicated so I can watch AND knit. It will be donated to our local Guild's Charity program.

This will be fun!

Knitting Olympics FAQs

I hope these FAQs from the Yarn Harlot's page will answer some of the questions that people may have - starting time is addressed in the 4th question (If we're going on Torino Time, Alaskans should be able to start at 10 a.m. but then, we'd have to finish early, too!). I'll do another post later today, with some info about what people are planning to knit.

Olympic Regulations.

Elizabeth D. asks "But -- aren't we supposed to have four years of
training before we enter these events?"

No. Next question?

Carol asks "How dare you challenge me to a feat of this magnitude? Do
you know what you are doing to me?

I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing to you, but you're the lady
who picked entrelac. Truthfully Carol, I thought less of you guys were
going to go for it. It turns out that when the men with the huggy
coats cart me off, I'll have lots and lots of friends to play with.

B. Asks "Will there be drug testing?"

No. Although you should be careful to make sure you are consuming
enough drugs. (Namely chocolate, red wine and coffee and toward the
end...hard liquor.) As for the stronger stuff, I figure that if you
can knit a challenge while using any other drugs, good luck to you.
It's like that Canadian Snowboarder who won gold while he was high as
a kite. Most peoples major feat after going the way of the BC
Skunkweed is to successfully locate a bag of cookies. The way I see
it, if you can do that while you are stoned, you should get two gold
medals. I wouldn't be able to find the snow.

Kat with a K asks "if I remember correctly, the flame is not actually
lit until partway through the opening ceremonies (?). Does this mean
that we need to knit something else while watching the beginning part
of the TV coverage and then switch when they lit the flame? Or can we
cast on when the opening ceremonies start?

Here's the executive decision. The Opening Ceremonies start at 8pm
Torino time. Torino is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, which
would mean starting at 2pm in the afternoon.
How about we agree on 2pm February 10th, no matter where you are?
(Does that help those of you without a tv?)

From Katie, who's going to do a shawl "Does it have to be blocked by
the time the flame goes out?"

Yes. Does a marathon runner need to cross the finish line? I suggest
steam. Less drying time than full immersion.

Many of you asked if Wendy was banned from the games.

Of course not. I went to her site and did some math though. Looks like
she knit one of those fabulous bohus sweaters in 3 weeks. I thought
two things.
1. Has anyone screened her for steroids?
2. It gives me the heebie jeebies to wonder what she would need to do
to challenge herself. Really.

Several of you asked if you had to do a sweater, or if you could do
more than one thing.

You can do anything that is a knitting project as long as it
represents a personal challenge for you. If that's 20 hats...go ahead.
The idea is to set a difficult and inspiring goal.

Finally, The list of Knitting Olympic Athletes can be found here:

The Knitting Olympics Page.

I know I said that I would list you all in the sidebar, but when you
see how many there are of you, I think you will understand why it's
got it's own page now. (Not everybody is up there yet, and not all of
the code on the bottom of the page works. Html vexes me. I'm working
on it. Give me a day or two before you register complaints. It's a lot
of work.) That's probably the page you should link to if you took a
button too.
There is now a link to the whole Knitting Olympic shebang on the
sidebar, should you wish to (and I hope you will) check in on the

I'm off now. I've got a full day of work, a whole lot of spinning and
a sweater to hack up.

(PS - for those of you who wanted to know about the wee blue gansey
sweater from the other day It's Design "E" from Sirdar Book 241)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knitting Olympics - 5 Days to Cast On time!

Hi Knitters!

Synchronize your watches: the Opening Ceremony starts on NBC at 7 pm Alaska time Friday Feb 10,
The Closing ceremony starts on NBC at 6 pm Alaska time, on Sunday February 26. (not quite sure yet how long it lasts – 2 hours? Three?)

If you’re not actually IN Alaska during the Olympics, just go from the time that the Opening Ceremony starts in your area, and finish while you’re watching the Closing Ceremony.

When you’re commenting on the blog or emailing me with your information, please be sure you include your name, and information about the pattern that you’ve chosen, so I can include you in the Team Alaska info that I send in to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I will send in the first list tomorrow, and will update it after that.

Have you chosen your patterns/yarns yet? Anyone swatching?

I’ve chosen a bit of a race against time for myself: to make 5 baby hats in these 16 days, using a variety of patterns. Three will be charity hats for preemies, one is for a new grandnephew, and one is for a friend’s new little girl. I’ve been meaning to make these hats for a while. Part of my challenge will be using new yarns, and knitting patterns that I haven’t knit before. The other part is to simply see if I can do that many hats in 16 days (even if they are for babies)!

Here are the patterns I’ve chosen:
♥ Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat from the 2006 Knitting Calendar, with Jamie baby yarn (I may make two of these)
♥ Baby Tart from Knitty.com (2003) in Tahki Cotton Classic from Stacey Charles, Inc- lots of bobbles! It will be a challenge to do so many!
♥ Spiral Knit Hat by Lorraine Major, using spiral rib (new pattern for me) in DK wool
♥ Lily’s Hat from Larissmix.typepad.com, with knitted flowers (new for me), in Lamps Pride worsted

Also, kudos to Mike Yarborough for designing the Team Alaska logo. Aren’t the colored balls of yarn clever? Thank you Mike.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome Alaska Knitters!

Welcome to the blog for Team Alaska for the Knitting Olympics 2006.
Only 6 days until Cast On (Opening Ceremonies), so there's no time to lose.

Knitters all over the world are taking up the challenge. Simply pick a pattern, something that is a challenge for you. There are no consequences if you don't finish it...this is for fun!!! The rules are easy...you cast on during the Opening Ceremonies on February 10, then try to finish by the end of the closing ceremonies on February 26.

Click on the "Knitting Olympics 2006" link at the right for the official rules from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (author of "the Yarn Harlot"), or go to this URL:

Team Alaska rules:
1. You must either live in, or be from, or have visited, or plan to visit, Alaska.
2. You must knit. (This is a KNITTING Olympics, 'nuff said).
3. You must seek a higher plane of knitting, pushing yourself that one extra step further than ever.
4. You must TRY to finish this commitment.
5. You must not stress yourself beyond comeback.
6. You must remember this is FUN.
7. You will NOT win a car, boat or vacation to some far away resort.
8. You must cast on during the opening ceremonies but may do a swatch before hand (training for the events)!

Please post and introduce yourself. Describe what you're going to make - the project, the yarn, why you chose this project, include a picture if you can, etc.

Don't forget to include the URL for your blog, too, if you have one.

Linda (archeoharp)

ps.... I'm not really familiar with using Blogger, so feel free to add buttons, add links on the left, etc.... whatever you think will make this an excellent team site.