Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another Gold Medal For Team AK

Hey Fellow AK Olympians-

I flew back to Juneau this morning after being at a conference in Florida all week. I was a bit concerned during the week as I had fallen behind the pace I set for sock #1. I knit between sessions and at night in my room with the "Other Olympics" for company and managed to finish the knitting while waiting at SEA-TAC early this morning. After I got home I just had to kitchener the toe of #2 and then block 'em.

So I guess I earned my gold medal. Bob Costas hasn't been by yet to interview me, but when he asks, I'll tell him that it's really not about the gold. It's about being part of this incredible thing that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee got going. I have enjoyed being part of team Alaska so much!!


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