Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ready to GO...

Kathy in Juneau – not sure about the square dancing and casting on, but maybe while you take a break for a breath of air between dances. I had the same thought about photos, so am including a photo of my yarn and the “Baby Tart” hat pattern that it goes with. Janice came through with the Jamie, so I’m set on the ribbed hats, and will look through my stash for something for “Lily’s Hat”. Luckily I have a sweater that I’m finishing, to work on tonight, so I’m not tempted to start the hats before it’s time.

We are currently 13 on Team Alaska, and I have a feeling we may hear from a few others at the last minute. I haven’t heard back from Kat or Steph (can’t imagine that they might be BUSY), but have looked at the TEAM USA KAL discussion, where the same question about starting and ending times has been asked and debated. It looks like the majority are going to start while watching the Opening Ceremonies (which are on TV at 7 p.m. in Anchorage), and finish by, or while watching, the Closing Ceremonies. Since this is definitely on the honor system, I would trust that if you want to start at 2 p.m (or 10 a.m.). you’d also try to finish at a comparably early time. I’m going with the “watching TV” time frame, myself.

The first event that has Alaskans in it- biathlon, with Jay Hakkinen and Jeremy Teela - is going to be broadcast at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. I don’t know that I’ll be up for that one! But maybe I’ll catch Pam Dreyer in hockey at 8 a.m.

Good luck all you Team Alaskans!

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Carly said...

I LOVE that baby tart hat and would knit it if I had any baby to knit for! Sooo cute! I just want to eat it up! Can't wait to see your finished hats. Go Team!