Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knitting Olympics - 5 Days to Cast On time!

Hi Knitters!

Synchronize your watches: the Opening Ceremony starts on NBC at 7 pm Alaska time Friday Feb 10,
The Closing ceremony starts on NBC at 6 pm Alaska time, on Sunday February 26. (not quite sure yet how long it lasts – 2 hours? Three?)

If you’re not actually IN Alaska during the Olympics, just go from the time that the Opening Ceremony starts in your area, and finish while you’re watching the Closing Ceremony.

When you’re commenting on the blog or emailing me with your information, please be sure you include your name, and information about the pattern that you’ve chosen, so I can include you in the Team Alaska info that I send in to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I will send in the first list tomorrow, and will update it after that.

Have you chosen your patterns/yarns yet? Anyone swatching?

I’ve chosen a bit of a race against time for myself: to make 5 baby hats in these 16 days, using a variety of patterns. Three will be charity hats for preemies, one is for a new grandnephew, and one is for a friend’s new little girl. I’ve been meaning to make these hats for a while. Part of my challenge will be using new yarns, and knitting patterns that I haven’t knit before. The other part is to simply see if I can do that many hats in 16 days (even if they are for babies)!

Here are the patterns I’ve chosen:
♥ Bev’s Baby Ribs Hat from the 2006 Knitting Calendar, with Jamie baby yarn (I may make two of these)
♥ Baby Tart from (2003) in Tahki Cotton Classic from Stacey Charles, Inc- lots of bobbles! It will be a challenge to do so many!
♥ Spiral Knit Hat by Lorraine Major, using spiral rib (new pattern for me) in DK wool
♥ Lily’s Hat from, with knitted flowers (new for me), in Lamps Pride worsted

Also, kudos to Mike Yarborough for designing the Team Alaska logo. Aren’t the colored balls of yarn clever? Thank you Mike.