Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ready to Cast On tomorrow?

Welcome new team members! I hope everyone has their projects picked out and you're ready to go. I have my patterns, but only part of my yarns - my sweety is kindly going to pick up some Takhi cotton for one of my baby hats, and a fellow guild member is going to bring me some Jamie, so I should be set by this evening. If you have questions about exactly when to start, see Answer to Question 1, below. If I have your email, I’ll do my best to get you signed up as a contributor by tomorrow morning at the latest! (See Answer to Question 2, below)

Cathy - knitting a flamingo will be a hoot! (no species puns intended!)

Here are comments from new Team members:
From Kaden's Nana- Kathy Lockwood:
Hi Team,
I am joining in on the fun. I have chosen to make a baby sweater for my new grandson. This will be a challenge for me, for it is the first knitted baby sweater I have tried. I am ready to go- this should be fun!
Good Luck and Happy Knitting Team

From Cait: OK I have decided to do the olympic knit along as long as I can do it on a WIP. I currently have 7 (seven!) WIPs that need some love. I have a very busy week coming up, with papers due, a midterm, and lots of reading to do, so I'm not sure how much knitting will get done during the first week of the olympics. However my KAL is going to be to finish my fan and feather shawl and a blue cardigan on which I have part of the back done. I may be biting off more than I can chew but that’s my goal!!
(from archeoharp: sounds great, Cait, I think WIPs should be allowed- can you wait to pick them up again until the rest of us start casting on?)

From Carly in Utah: Hi! Can I join the team? I'm originally from Anchorage (parents still live there) and I'd love to have a team to cheer on, no one in Utah seems to have heard about the Knitting Olympics! I'm going to knit my first ever "completed" sweater, and I'm designing it myself! Can't wait to get started!
(from archeoharp:

From Kathy in Juneau:
This is a link to the pattern for the Jaywalker socks:

Though I've knit socks before, I've never knit these, and I've NEVER completed a pair in 16 days. The yarn is self-dyed merino from KnitPicks. The colors aren't perfect (photos soon, I hope), but the striping bit is awfully fun. And I'm hoping they'll keep me going.. you know,something like "I must get some sleep, just one more stripe ..."
Hurray, another Team AK member. Cathy, where in AK are you? I've seen, and been very tempted by, a Fiber Trends Felted Flamingo pattern. Is that the one you're doing? What a great AK project!
I also have a few general questions:
First, are we following the "Start at 2:00 pm local time" rule, or are we starting when the opening ceremonies are televised Friday evening? (And likewise, by when do we have to cross the finish line?)
Also, I'm kind of a newbie at this, but how do I post directly to the blog instead of in the comments? Not that it really matters, but maybe I'll have some inspirational photos to share once we get going ..

Another comment and question from J in Anchorage:
Well this is a cute idea. To be truly olympic, though, wouldn't we have to be competing on the same patterns with the same yarn and needles? Perhaps the Jaywalker socks. And yes, I'm a male knitter and can hang with the best of them.

Answers from archeoharp- Linda:

Question 1: The 2:00 p.m. rule was made by Stephanie P-M. I’ve sent her an email about what that means in relation to when we should end, and will post the answer as soon as I have it. My original thought was that we could start as we watch the Opening Ceremonies here in Alaska, or where ever other members might be, and finish as we watch the Closing Ceremonies, figuring that would give everyone the same amount of time to work on their project.

Question 2: When comments come in to the blog, they don’t automatically have your email attached. If you don’t want to include your email in your comment, but would still like to provide it to me, so I can invite you to be a contributing member and post directly to the blog, including photos, then please do the following:
Click on the “archeoharp’ link on the right
When my profile page comes up, click on email, on the left under “contact”
Send me an email that includes your email address.
I will then send you an invitation through blogspot to become a contributor. When you respond back to that, you should be on!

Question 3; There are lots of different events in the Olympics, so I don’t think there’s a problem with knitting different projects. However, J, if you and Kathy in Juneau want to compare notes on how your Jaywalker socks go along, that would be great. Send me your email address, and I’ll send you an invite to be a contributor.

Erin- ditto, if you send me your email address, I’ll do the same.
Carly, and Cait, looking forward to having you participate, have sent out your invitations.


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Super! I would love to leave postings. My email is gratzee AT

I'm already to start tomorrow! I'll post more about the sweater I'll be knitting soon!