Friday, February 24, 2006

Two More Knitters Cross the Finish Line!

I will admit, I got a little distracted, knitting mittens and booties to go with the Dale hat, and watching Olympics (a lot of excitement out there), but here is my progress photo. I’ve crossed my finish line, and completed the five hats that I planned to do, plus one extra preemie hat. Hurray!

I saw Cathy’s flamingo at her house the other day, finished and fabulous, gracing her TV as we watched Olympics with Knitting Olympian Cait, and some other folks. Cait and I knit and Cathy quilted. I hope you’ll have a chance to post a photo, Cathy! Choc, your sweater sounds great, glad to hear that you got it sewn up again. Anyone else finished? It sounds like lots of people are getting very close.

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kathy in Juneau said...

Wow! They're gorgeous!