Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hello team members. I must admit that I'm not as far along as I had hoped. Discovered that one cannot watch ice skating and knit at the same time, even on a not-so-challenging project. But I persevere. Also snuck in starting an Argyle sock for my Masters Level II requirement, and spent last evening just swatching for the required vest. Maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew!? Back to knitting!


kathy in Juneau said...

I hear you (re: watching the Olympics and participating all at once!)

I just started my level I for the masters last fall. I'm afraid I keep abandoning it for other projects. But pushing myself to finish these socks for a gold medal has got me thinking I should just push myself for to finish the Level I requirements. Have you found any website or forum for people participating in the TKGA Masters Programs?

Hang in there .. remember this is supposed to be fun ..

Ketchikan Choc said...

What is the Level I and Level II you referred to in your messages?

Catherine said...

HI, Kiddo! I joined officially. Now to knit...imagine that!! the lily sock is a bitch, but I am determined to finish at least one fo them. Catherine