Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rules Review

As blog host, I should probably take a moment to review the "Knitting Olympics" rules.  If you need a refresher, or haven't seen the original 2006 rules (which I assume apply this time around, too), click on the link on the right called "Knitting Olympics 2006".  This will take you to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's web page where they're all laid out.

The Team Alaska sub-rules are:
1. You must either live in, or be (fairly) recently from, Alaska.
2. You must knit.  (This is a KNITTING Olympics, 'nuff said).
3. You must seek a higher plane of knitting, pushing yourself that one extra step further than ever.
4. You must TRY to finish this commitment.
5. You must not stress yourself beyond comeback.
6. You must remember this is FUN.
7. You will NOT win a car, boat or vacation to some far away resort.
8. You must cast on during the opening ceremonies, but may swatch before (training for your event)!

Potential Team Alaska members: if you comment to the blog, your email is not automatically attached.  If you don't want to include your email in your comment, but would still like to provide it, so I can invite you to be a contributing member of the blog, then please do the following:
     Click on the "LindaY" link on the right.
     When my profile page comes up, click on email on the left under "contact".
     Send me an email that includes your email address and a message about your project.
If it all looks legit, I'll send you an invitation to be a contributor.  After you respond back, you should be able to post!

Can't wait to start knitting!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Choosing a project

Hi Choc!  Thanks for being the first to post, and asking about projects.  It sounds like you have some good ones to choose from. 

Yes, I changed the heading to help get us in the mood for our next Olympic challenge.  The Opening Ceremony is coming right up, at 6 p.m. February 12.  Closing Ceremony is 5:30 p.m. February 28. 

My life has been so busy that I haven't decided what to knit, yet, either.  But I have a whole stash full of project ideas.  Maybe an Argyle sock?  I don't know if I can knit two in 17 days, but even one would be a challenge!

I hope all of you on Team Alaska are thinking about your challenging project, and will post your ideas, soon.  Remember, your pre-Olympics training time can include practice swatches to check your gauge, and make sure you like your yarn and pattern!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010 ravelympics

Thanks to the person who updated the heading. Linda? I haven't decided what to knit this time, either a Charlotte's Web shawl or a sweater for daughter Elizabeth or a pair of socks for the boyfriend of another DD, or maybe a feather and fan scarf or 4.

What are the rest of you going to knit?