Sunday, May 28, 2006

TKGA-Master Knitter Program

Hey Choc (and Linda and anyone else interested in the Master Knitter Program),

I'm so delighted you've just joined up. It'll inspire me to get done if I know you're working on it too! And fun to have someone bounce ideas/questions off of. The first level knitting has been very straightforward so far. I've just been distracted by other projects. I haven't actually tackled the questions yet, but I've been thinking about working on them. Anyway, once you get started let's keep in touch about it.

Linda, aren't you on Level II?


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Ketchikan Choc said...

It will be fun to compare notes as you finish and I do all of Level I. Another woman in Ketchikan is going to start Level I, but she is a commercial fisherman so won't start until this fall.

I am looking forward to learning more about knitting. My grandmother taught me how to knit, purl, bind off and long-tail cast on and and my mother found a pattern for me when I wanted to knit my first sweater but otherwise I have taught myself by reading the directions.

When I got involved with the Knitting Olympics, my knitting vocabulary increased immensely the very first day! Finding knitting blogs, reading the Yarn Harlot's books, discovering local knitting groups and Team Alaska have all added to my knowledge since then. All this for a person who learned to knit 50 years ago!

Anyway it will be fun consulting with you as we do the Level I work.