Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Olympic Music To Our Ears

Congratulations Everyone, and yes, each of you (whether you finished or not) should individually send an email ASAP to:

Stephanie says:
“This is an address set to auto-respond, so no live human will read your email. (Sorry) but every Olympian (finisher or not) who sends an email will be placed in the draw for the donated prizes. If you are part of a team, please send an individual email for each member of your team. I'll be drawing the prizes on Friday, so get your name in before then.”

Everyone should also read Stephanie’s Yarn Harlot blog, as soon as possible. In addition to being able to download your gold medals, she has written an inspirational thankyou to everyone who participated. She also has a special message to knitters who did not finish, which you must read!

And if you go to the Library page, and scroll to the bottom, under Media coverage you’ll find Catherine Hollingsworth’s article in the Anchorage Daily News.

I want to make note of one of our Knitting Olympians who does not have an internet connection, but faithfully finished her project before the Closing Ceremony. Betty N. made socks, which she will donate to charity, and figured out that it took her 57 hours and a little over 30 minutes! (I’m writing while in Kodiak on a business trip, and don’t have my notes from our conversation so don’t remember the exact number of minutes!)

This has been such a fun thing to do! I’m definitely looking forward to the Summer Olympics in 2006. In the meantime, should we keep this blog open, and discuss suggestions for another challenge?


Anonymous said...

Please do keep this blog open. I'm a knitter in Oregon, hoping someday to move to Alaska after my kids graduate in a couple of years. I unofficially knitted along with you Alaskans during the Olympics, and would like to keep hearing what you are all up to.
Janet H.

Ketchikan Choc said...

I have enjoyed this group and have learned a lot about knitting in general and charitable knitting, e.g. preemie hats. I would like to see this spot continue and maybe I'll get a digital camera so that I can show off my Olympic sweater and the Fair Isle I finished last night.


BookishKnitster said...

i think continuing this blog is a great idea, as well as coming up with other challenges or charitable knitting for us to do together.