Sunday, March 05, 2006

Team Training for the next Olympics?

I’m back from Kodiak, and think it’s great that at least some of our group would like to keep the Team Alaska blog open. There should be lots of possibilities for charity knitting, or team knit-alongs. We should be able to keep things going until the next Summer Olympics, at least. I’m going to research some charity possibilities, and will post what I find out, soon. Do any of you have any particular ideas? In the meantime, I hope that some of you who haven’t had a chance to post photos of your finished Knitting Olympics projects will have a chance to do so, and show us what they look like.

While I was in Kodiak, I knit another baby hat, for another friend’s daughter, and some leg warmers for myself. Of course, I still only currently need one, but the big boot-cast comes off March 21, and I’m looking forward to wearing two leg warmers, and celebrating! For now it’s back to “dragon” socks for my grandson, which I’ll try to finish before his birthday next month. I designed the dragon graphic for the socks myself, and will knit it in intaglio – only my second project in that technique.

By the way, did everyone email the gold2006 address, and receive your Certificate of Participation for the Knitting Olympics? If not, let me know, and I can email it to you.
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kathy in Juneau said...


I'd also like to see the group continue. It's been wonderful to have a knitting community with whom to share ideas and successes and defeats.

I'd also like to participate in some charitable knitting. I was very interested in the Dulaan Project which Stephanie mentioned in her blog on Friday.

Since the Olympics I've been trying to work on a sweater that's been on the needles for way too long. I'm nearing the end of the first sleeve, hoping the second will go even faster once the kinks are worked out.

It's always fun to see photos of other's knitting - I'd second your motion to encourage people to keep posting their pics!

Thanks, Linda-

BookishKnitster said...

Hi all,
I think the idea of a charity knitting project is great!

Here is one option:
There is one called Warm Up America that knits/crochets blankets for those who may need them. The organization encourages people participating to donate to local organizations.