Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yarn shopping report

The first shop we visited was the one on Queen Anne hill. It was great. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They also gave us the names of 3 other shops to visit. DD decided that she wanted me to make her a sweater that she saw in the shop but didn't want it in any of the colors available in that shop. The second stop was at the shop on First Avenue, in Belltown. The staff there was helpful too but not as friendly. Then it was off to Weaving Works at 4717 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast in the U district. Again the staff was helpful and the yarn yummy. The fourth shop was Acorn Street Yarn at 2818 Northeast 55th Street. Helpful staff, great yarn and a variety of knitting books. DD decided that the best colored yarn for her sweater was at this shop. The last yarn shop we visited was Fiber Gallery at 7000 greenwood Avenue North. The staff here was again helpful and friendly. I got my yarn for a hooded, cable pullover sweater here. I would go back to all of these stores again to look for yarn or just to enjoy the beauty of all that yarn.

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Linda in Anchorage said...

I have a young friend (actually the daughter of Cathy of our Team) who used to work at Acorn Street Yarn. I've heard lots of good things about that store, and am glad to hear your good experience, as well.