Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Olympic Progress

Well, I finished my hat a few days ago. My 8 year old son, Ian, was nice enough to model it for me. Real men aren't afraid to wear pink!

I have had a few set back on the gloves. The pattern I'm using needed some modification for a 7 year old, as they were just too big. I'm working on the cuff on the first one.

Also, we got the call, yesterday, from our contractor that he was ready to start our kitchen, TODAY! Spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening packing up the kitchen. Hoping this "set back" will not prevent me from finishing the Olympics, like the Chinese hurdler.

Staying up way to late at night, and missed a few of my favorites (I think), Sync swimming, and anything equestrian. Watched the women's marathon and that the winner was 38 years old. Loved that the announcers weren't even considering her as a serious contender at the beginning. What a great surprise! And, just want to add Dara Torres ROCKS!


Linda in Anchorage said...

Go, Diana! The hat looks great (thank you Ian,for modeling for your mom), and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the gloves. If you have to make them smaller, they'll take less time, right?

Linda in Anchorage said...

So, Diana, did you get the gloves finished? How's your kitchen? We're having a new deck built, and just that little project is way involved!