Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Now then, Team Alaska Knitters (especially those who are feeling stressed by the amount of time left, and where you are with your project) – pause for a moment and breathe deeply, release, and repeat 2 or 3 times. Feel better? I’m waxing rhapsodic for a minute here…

1. Remember, this is just the Olympic Trials (Ravelympics) for the 2010 Winter Knitting Olympics, which Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has said she will again organize.

2. Don’t freak out! You challenged yourself and set yourself a goal, which you’re doing your best to achieve. But remember that this is also a learning experience, in terms of how much you can knit in this period of time. It might turn out to be the “eyes are bigger than the stomach” for some of us – but then, we’ll know that, for planning for the “really big one” in 2010. Please do post and let us know how you’re doing, regardless - and don't worry about a picture, if you haven't had time to take one. You can always put that up later.

3. It’s summer! Most of us are juggling 50 different things going on in our lives, and have chosen to make knitting a higher priority during these two weeks than perhaps it’s been for months. So expect to have some “rest” periods (athletes have to have rest days – unless you’re Michael Phelps, when it might just be “rest minutes”). And then do your darndest when you can.

So, hang in there, take it a row at a time, and retain that sense of satisfaction that you ARE making progress.

I’ve been alternating knitting spurts with down time (like yesterday, when I had to work overtime well into the evening). I did make some progress last Saturday evening while knitting at a friend’s house and watching Constantina Tomescu Dita win the Women’s Marathon (age 38 – wow!), but then had no time for knitting on Sunday and Monday. Last night I was determined to knit just a little, so did one row, while watching the late news and a little of the BMX competition, just before hitting the hay. I’ll probably do the same tonight, although I’m looking at a little earlier bedtime! I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and am planning to pick up the knitting pace, at least a little, tomorrow evening.

One of my teachers used to say “Have courage!” when I’d wrestle with a problem in life that was affecting my study time. So I “en-courage” you all with your projects and wish you “Good Knitting”!

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