Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm hanging in there - just barely....

This is 2 days into the Olympics..
but after that well it has been slow
going for me. I've complete 6" on both
but man... there's just too much
going on.

Between swimming, volleyball, gymnastics I just can't concentrate and
stay at it. And then I look at the progress on this blog.... how do you guys do it.

What a cute hat, and even cuter model. And Linda your mitten medley is coming along beautifully (Is that a word??) I 've been staying up late watching and getting up early. I need a day just to lay in bed and KNIT.

Happy knitting everyone...and keep up the great job err knitting!
More later - Zing (LindaW)

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Linda in Anchorage said...

It sounds like you're making progress, even if you want it to go a little faster. Your socks are really pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing a progress (or "Finished Object") photo when you have time to take one.