Monday, August 04, 2008

Hello from Ketchikan!

Greetings fellow Team Mates!

I'm Barb and I currently hail from lovely Ketchikan, Alaska. I am a transplant to the fair state, my husband is in the US Coast Guard and the powers that be decided it was time for us to come North.

This year I am competing in the SockPut. I will be in California visiting friends, family, and attending a funeral from August 12 - 24, so I decided to knit 2 pairs of socks during the Ravelympics. I am also working on Summer of Socks '08 this year.

It is a sunny, beautiful morning here in Ketchikan. Hubby took the day off work today, so I have a feeling we're going to go hit a trail at some point.

Have a great day!


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Linda in Anchorage said...

Welcome Barb,
It sounds like you'll be quite busy during the Knitting Olympic Trials, aka Ravelympics, but in a way that will allow you to get some knitting done. So sorry to hear about the funeral. I hope you did get to have a good hike, today, and look forward to your next post.