Monday, February 22, 2010

One Hat Done-Other So Close (updated)

Working hard on the duplicate stitch for the second, but all this knitting has aggravated my carpal tunnels. (Dramatic Olympic Sympathy Music in background) Will she be able to finish? Is she an Olympic Champion? Can she complete her Olympic Challenge? (cut to commercial)

Done with number two! Icing the wrist and back to the socks tomorrow.


Ketchikan Choc said...

Your hats look good.

LindaY said...

Good job on the hats! and good luck on the socks (I'm behind on mine - working late this week).

Zing said...

Great job... I'm so far behind. I too have been working late and on the weekend for an upcoming show during the FurR. I hope to catch up soon. I've DVR'd. I hope that counts!

Happy knitting
Linda (Zingis2000)

Arctic Knitter said...

Awesome hats! You are so clever - well done! :0)