Sunday, February 28, 2010

Official End Time, Please?

Firstly, what official end time for us here in alaska time zone?
sometime today, I know......
So , I had a bit of a false start, knitted a few inches and saw i was not where i thought i was in the chart, and so i waited until i could see KathyM, Master Knitting Instructor, to put me back on track.
I have hope that i can get within a few inches a done, depending on time left.

Either way I will post picture at the end.



Ketchikan Choc said...

I'm not a person with any authority, but with a sense of fairness, with which you may not agree. It seems that if you started when the flame was actually lit, then your time is up when it is extinguished. If you stared when NBC chose to show us the flame lighting, your time isn't up until the 3 or 4 hours after that, whatever the tape delay was at the beginning.

LindaY said...

If you started during the opening ceremonies with NBC on Alaska time, then finishing time should be when the flame goes out during the NBC broadcast. But just remember, even if you DNF, you've still tried your hardest, which is what the Olympics is all about. Now, some folks may be extending their projects through the Paralympics. If you, or any of our other team Alaska folks want to do that, it would give you until March 21! Let us know if you decide to keep at it!