Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Own Opening Games Malfunctions

Casting on began for me at 10:30pm, due to a schedule conflict with my Bunco group, of 6 years. I was not the only one in my group eager to get home to watch the opening games DVR'd at our homes. Because I was watching it recorded, I was able to fast-forward through lots and lots and lots of commercials, turning my knitting time from a 4.5 hours to only 2.5 hours of knitting time.

My favorite part, the Orca pod swimming across the stage. Amazing. And, I can't believe the athleticism of the First Nation dancers. They danced for at least 45 minutes as the athletes walked out. Over all, a real enjoyable opening games.

However, I did start to doze off a few times during the Olympic Committee's speeches, I managed to wake myself up so I could see who was going to be lighting the torch.

Sadly, while waiting to see if the malfunctioning torch would be light, my DVR recording ended. Too tired to go only to see it at that point, so waited til this am and turned on the TV that's in the living room, without cable, and there it was being shown on the USA sport channel.

My second malfunction: Coming home from X-country skiing this am (Jr. Nordic for the boys), slightly exhausted and light headed, reaching for my knitting so I could take a picture of my progress and pulling a needle out of one side of both socks. Take a careful look at the picture and you'll see that one side is sans-needles. I've managed to get these rather tightly knit, small loops back on, with some effort and will be getting back to knitting here quickly as I'm watching this afternoon.

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Arctic Knitter said...

Hope the socks are off to a better start now! I'm laid up w/a knee injury - hopefully this forced rest will help me finish sleeve #1.