Friday, July 20, 2012


What are you knitting for the Olympics?  I had planned to knit a waist-coat, Weave, for a friend, but one of my daughters moved up her wedding to mid-September from "maybe December", or "after I graduate in May, 1213".  She wants a wedding shawl, and chose Icarus.  I started the shawl last Saturday, July 14th, as I didn't dare wait.  So I'm not knitting anything for the Olympics, but I will continue to knit at least 1,110 stitches a day.  So far I have knit more each day as I prefer to stop at the end of a wrong side row.

Hope to hear from other Alaska knitters.



Zing said...

I'm knitting on a entralac scarf I started for a christmas gift... I joined a team in ravellenic games just for WIP called Wips Wrstling..LOL... summer is such a busy time here in Alaska as you know. Look forward to seeing your progress!
Happy knitting..

LindaY said...

I'm just finished one pair of socks, and am starting another. I'll post a photo soon. I also joined a "Ravellenics" team on Ravelry - Hopelessly Overcommitted - because I have so many projects waiting for me to work on them. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress reports, too!