Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chemo hats


I mailed two chemo hats to you today. Sorry it took me so long to get to the post office with the hats, they were finished 3 weeks ago.

It was good to read of your trip and look at the yarn you purchased.

Glad you made it safely home.



kathy in juneau said...


Your hats arrived today - wow, that was fast. Thanks so much! I love them! The yarn is so fun and soft.

I was going to post a photo of them with the one I've completed (hope that's ok?), but the light was so lousy today I haven't photographed them yet.

Does this mean you've been working on your TKGA swatches? I've only gotten so far as thinking about working on mine ..

Ketchikan Choc said...

I have been not working on TKGA Master Knitter program. I have been working on a sweater promised to a DD and a lace shawl that some of us at the LYS started at the end of May. We are each making our own shawl, using the same pattern but different colorways. It's fun to see the shawls progress and we can offer help to each other as there are a variety of skill levels amoungst the group. Most of us have had to frog and restart our shawl. It would have been a good idea to do a swatch of the pattern to get the hang of it before committing to the real thing which is 121 stitches wide.

My plan is to start the Masters Knitters program when I have finished the shawl and DD's sweater.

kathy in juneau said...

ok .. I have to ask. Is "DD" Darling Daughter? I'm still figuring out all of this blogger shorthand.

I'm plugging away at my Wobbly Circles Tote and thinking about starting a more portable project, but I also want to try some lace and, of course, the TKGA swatches are calling. What shawl pattern are you using for your shawl KAL?

Ketchikan Choc said...

Yes, DD is darling daughter.

The shawl pattern is Crystal Blue Persuasion out of the spring, 2001 Knitter's Magazine.

I ask whenever I can't figure out the abbreviations that people use, so feel free to ask anytime I use an abbreviation that you don't know.

kathy in juneau said...


Thanks for interpreting ..

Thanks too for your kind comment left at my blog. It was nice to "see" you there!