Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chemo Cap Show and Tell

The two fuzzy striped hats were made by Choc. They are wonderfully soft and stretchy and I love the colors! Choc, I'm assuming it's the same yarn and is striping differently because of the different sizes?? They don't seem that different in size and yet the stripes are totally different. Curious, isn't it? Mine (Choc has put me to shame, I've only knit one so far) is the pink girly one in the center.

I'm not normally a pink/girly kinda gal .. but it was fun to knit!

I won't rush to deliver these. Maybe some more will come trickling in .. and I'll try to knit up another as well.

Hope you're all well and happily knitting!

I finally noticed that the smaller hat has the narrower stripes .. that doesn't make sense, does it? Choc, what gives?


Ketchikan Choc said...

Thanks for posting the hats. The hats should be 2 different widths as the one on the left has more stitches than the one on the right. The yarn I used is one of the ones Linda suggested. The hats knit up quickly as I just knit round and round. The fuzziness of the yarn would hide any fanciness so I gave up ideas of cables or lace.

Ketchikan Choc said...


It seems that figuring out verigated/self-striping yarn may remain a mystery. A theory: On the hat on the left the amount of yarn to do one row was just a little less or a little more than the amount of yarn between the start and end of one cycle through the colors in the colorway. Second idea: It may be that the skien of yarn used for the second hat was dyed differently.