Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hat update

I made another hat this week. I was worried the first was too small, now I'm worried the second is too big (are you starting to figure me out?). But I'll send 'em both to Choc tomorrow and hope that there is some baby in Ketchikan with a cold and appropriately sized head.

I left a message with the Cancer Wellness folks in Juneau. My husband took a return call from a woman who's name he didn't catch and who was headed out of town, but she was enthusiastic and positive about receiving hats from us. So I think you can safely start knitting assured that I will find a good home for any chemo caps you might knit. Do we want to extend the deadline for these, or is everyone up for getting them done in May??

Thanks to you all for your lovely and supportive sweater comments.

Take care-


Ketchikan Choc said...

Your hats both look gorgeous. Don't worry about the size of the preemie hats. As with fullterm babies, preemie babies of the same weight have heads of different sizes. My first hat was the smallest and the third was the biggest.

Ketchikan Choc said...

Any thoughts or concerns about the type of yarn we use? I'm game to keep to the idea of doing this in May but can be flexible if others would rather expand the timeframe.

Linda in Anchorage said...

Regarding yarn types, the Anchorage Guild's Charity Committee co-chair, who is a nurse, warned me not to use even what seems to be very soft wool for chemo caps, but only very soft synthetic. She says that any type of wool will be itchy. Kathy, if your source tells you differently, please let us know. I have some Patons "Allure" and "Cha Cha", and some Bernat "Eyelash" that I've been told will work very well for chemo hats, which I plan to use.

Choc, my recent knitting distractions (birthday socks with a dragon design for my grandson) took a little longer than I expected, but I plan to start my preemie hats tomorrow (Tuesday).

kathy in Juneau said...


Ooh, show us those socks!!

I've yet to actually make contact with someone regarding the chemo caps, but your advice sounds like what I've heard in the past (regarding wool and washable fibers). I'll post more news as I get it.