Monday, April 03, 2006

Charity Knitting: Hat patterns for babies

Hi Team Alaska,
Sorry not to have posted this earlier, but I've been under the weather for the past week.

Here is an "enormous list of baby hats that can be made for charity knitting" that Jennifer of the Boulder Hand Knitters Guild compiled from the internet (thank you Jennifer!). Not all of them are for preemies, but can be adjusted. I find that, with a pattern for sport or worsted weight yarn, if I use lighter weight yarn and smaller needles, I can easily turn a 0-3 month size hat into a preemie hat. If the hat is for fingering weight, already, then an adjustment of number of stitches and rows would be in order.

The Basic Knit Hat Pattern from "Touching Little Lives" is a good one to start with, and gives an idea of how big to make them. It has small and medium preemie sizes, and newborn. "Baby's First Hat" is a nice lacey one, "Baby Tart" is darling, but has bobbles, so is probably not good for a preemie, Also, "" has free patterns, some of which are specifically for preemies. Check out this blog: She has lots of cute baby hats. I made "Lilly's Hat" and used size 3 needles and Jamie baby yarn, and it came out perfectly for a preemie. Another that I made during the Knitting Olympics is the spiral hat listed at the bottom (using 54 sts, size 3 needles, Jamie Baby yarn).

Regarding sizes - I didn't measure the finished sizes of the ones that I made for the KOs, but you can visually compare the size of the four preemie hats with the one 6-9 month hat in the photo that I took and posted.
Happy Knitting!

The List: Garter Lace Baby Bonnet -- uses worsted weight Anna's Angel Hat Pattern (from Jimmy Bean)-- uses worsted weight Apple Hat (from Knitlist) -- uses worsted weight Baby Bee Hat and Bootees (from Magknits) -- uses worsted weight Baby Hat (from Lion) -- uses DK weight Baby Pixie Hat (from Crystal Palace) -- uses sportweight ?? Baby Hat with Leaf Edging (from Knitlist) -- uses fingering weight Bulky Velvetspun Hat (from Lion) -- uses super bulky Baby Tart (from Knitty) -- uses light worsted Baby's First Hat (newborn) -- uses worsted Basic Preemie Hat -- uses sportweight/ DK/ worsted weight Beginner's Fair Isle Hat -- uses fingering weight (PDF) (Another) Beginner's Fair Isle Hat -- uses DK/worsted weight Bunny Beanie -- uses heavy worsted/ or lighter Cabled Hat Pattern -- uses dk weight (optional fur trim) Cameron's Cap (from Sarah Peasley) -- uses worsted, with earflaps (PDF) Easter Egg Hat (from Barbara Breiter) -- uses worsted, zig-zag pattern Debbie Bliss Hat (from Crafts Magazine) -- uses sportweight, straight needles Four Newborn Hats (from Kerrie's Place) -- ranges from heavy worsted to DK Froggy Hat/Bottees (from p2designs) -- dk weight (PDF) -- Preemies to older -- (super cute!) Just Ducky (from p2designs) -- dk weight (PDF ) Preemies to older -- (super cute!) Lace Baby Beanie (from Bev's Country Cottage) -- baby yarn -- preemie/newborn Little Ruffled Edge Hat -- worsted SUPER CUTE!! Little Shell Lace Baby Bonnet -- worsted to sportweight (preemies) Miss Dashwood Baby Hat with Ties (from Knitty) -- worsted weight Newborn Baby Hat -- worsted weight Petal Baby Hat -- worsted weight Pretty as a Poppy Hat (from p2designs) -- sockweight to dk weight (small preemie to older) (PDF) Pull-on Baby Hat -- worsted weight, straight needles (easy!) Spiral Rib Hat -- dk weight Super Quick Baby Bonnet -- worsted weight Tri-Corner Baby Hat -- chunky weight


Ketchikan Choc said...

Thank you for the listing of all of these patterns. I used a pattern I had for the first hat, but am using the spiral ribbing pattern on your list for the second hat. I may have enough yarn for 4 hats, so will use this list to find more patterns. Thanks.

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